In 2002, EBI Implant was founded by a group of dedicated dental school faculty members and alumni who believed that implants were the future of dentistry. Our group of distinguished dental professionals worked together to develop forward-thinking technology that proved practical yet sophisticated, solving problems that would impact the industry for years to come, producing more than 10 implant systems and over 50 implant designs. Backed by a full range of clinical studies, presentations, and education materials focused on implant treatments, EBI's products not only foster crucial improvements in implant dentistry, but also benefit thousands of dental professionals around the world.



EBI Implant’s internationally patented products are born from research results and hard data, designed by veteran implantologists and engineered for absolute precision. Our implant systems are designed by professionals in implant dentistry and manufactured at EBI's own facility in South Korea, further validating the safety, durability, and reliability of our technology. Our quality control system has received certification from the FDA, KGMP, ISO13485, and CE.

As researchers continue developing new tools to improve dental designs and surface treatments, they are recognizing implants as one of the best options for partially and completely edentulous patients. At EBI, our research is focused on creating implants that are more aesthetically pleasing and convenient for patients while also increasing each design's overall strength and durability, resulting in an implant survival rate of 95%.



Our mission is to create products from the perspective of our customers: current dentists working with implants internationally. Designed by prominent professionals in the field, our products facilitate surgeries by cutting down on both time and risks. We hope you’ll join our partnership of customers and shareholders as we strive to change the face of implant dentistry.



In order to continue ensuring our dedication to the worldwide implantology community, EBI Implant's members participate in the following initiatives:

- Research First Initiative: EBI continually invests in R&D for product improvement and receives government funding to develop new implant systems

- EBI's members make presentations at internationally renowned seminars and academies, including Academy of Osseointegration (AO) and American Association of Periodontology (AAP)

- EBI offers dentists educational initiatives focused on advanced surgical procedures through hands-on seminars

- EBI's members attend yearly short-term training courses to stay current on trends in implantology

- EBI provides support to domestic dental study groups

- EBI contributes to the community through support of the Global Mission Pioneers