Precision Implant 2.8


The Precision Implant is a non-submerged Octa implant that adapts according to dentists' specific needs. Help patients heal faster, recover soft tissue, and minimize bone loss with this RBM surface implant featuring a 2.8mm transmuccosal collar, internal Octa Morse Taper, and self-tapping cutting threads.

- 2.8mm Transmuccosal Collar: Choose the collar size according to the patient's unique needs
- Self-Tapping Cutting Threads: Accommodates easier implant placement (entry) with lower insertion torque
- Internal Octagon Morse Taper: Ensures minimal spacing between the implant fixture and abutment. Adopts the Morse Taper connection to provide a tight fit between the -implant and abutment
- Verified RBM Surface Treatment: HA/β-TCP calcium powder creates RBM-treated surface roughness for optimal bone connection
- Titanium

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