Sinus Graft Kit


Dental Implant is possible for mandibular endentulous area of the maxillary molar area deficient in alveolar bone, with maxillary sinus augmentation. Hence, maxillary sinus augmentation should always consider dental implant area and service tools. This kit serves long-term successful dental implant done by maxillary
sinus augmentation using the existing anatomic structure to the maximum.

SCC1: Being the most popular tool used for Schneiderian membrane lift, it has a laser marking. If anterior border does not reach this
marking, high-speed bur helps extend the window. Through this kit, the integral bone grafting agent will fill the implant target area.

SCC2: This tool effectively helps lift the adhered membrane maintaining side wall by the unique curved surface of this tool,  protecting the implant to be planted inside with chin bone.

SCC3: Nutrition is indispensible for bone grafting agent to be a part of body. This tool effectively helps lift the medial membrane, the main source of nutrition.

SCC4: Being made in the window shape, it effectively helps the bone grafting agent to fill maxillary sinus and makes it condense.

SCC5: As it provides a groove for one face of Minesotta retractor, it facilitates periosteal suture.


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