TLC Translingual Curette


Interdental papilla is considered to be the most critical tissue for aesthetics and dentistry. It has been known that it is impossible to rebuild interdental papilla between implants. Therefore if papilla is already damaged, a new approach is necessary in order to regenerate the scarred papilla. This method involves in surgery incision far way from the spot so that a scar made by incision provides minimal effects on papilla regeneration. In addition, by additional incision, a room for growth of new tissues can easily be secured.

To minimize a scar that can be made while saving room, a specially designed device is needed.

By using the EBI Trans-Lingual Curette, a room for implanting soft tissues is guaranteed and damage is minimized. As a result, interdental papilla tissues that are healthy and provided with enough blood can be regenerated.


TLC Translingual curette