Wide EpDuo Abutment
Wide EpDuo Abutment


The Wide EpDuo Abutment is designed to work effortlessly with our Precision Implant series with 6.5 Octa diameter necks. Choose this high-quality titanium abutment to maintain necessary spacing between teeth and support implants with reinforced retention, triangle cut, indexed Octagon connection, and Morse taper. Comes in a 6.5 diameter body. Used with the 1.27 Hex Driver.



- Reinforced Retention: Microgrooves in abutment's lower end ensure elevated retention power

- Triangle Cut: Reinforces bonding and prevents crown from rotating

- Indexed Octagon Connection: Prevents abutment from rotating and allows for precise, easy placement

- Morse Taper: Tight connection between implant and abutment eliminates friction

- Titanium

- 6.5 Diameter Body

- Supplied with BestDuo Screw

- Available in Non-Octa